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  • The Designer

    A dedication to perfection and strong interests in art, culture and sport compelled Jacob Clyburn to envision a brand to combine opulence with an active lifestyle.

    Mr Clyburn studied in his hometown in North East England and started his first design firm at fifteen, specialising in logos, graphics and websites, where he taught himself the fundamentals of design and branding. Gaining his first business experiences at an early age earned him an insight into successful management, which led to him to pursue business full time after leaving college at 18.

    In 2015, the idea for OTIUM was born when Clyburn had an idea for his own, modern line of sportswear for himself and other tennis players. With a vision of luxury and sport in mind, an opportunity arose for him to develop his first collection for a local school team, and the first OTIUM Vorago Red Collection was born.

    After the success of his first collection, Clyburn took an interest in fashion. Inspired by the elegance of high fashion and the valour of sport, Clyburn went on to design iconic OTIUM pieces for the tennis court. The collection gained instant recognition amongst friends and family, driving Clyburn to develop OTIUM as a standalone brand and reinvent sportswear classics for the contemporary customer.

    In 2018, Clyburn launched his first active lifestyle collection. Providing a unique combination of activewear and lifestyle clothing, the new collection was featured around the world: in magazines, editorials and worn by celebrities.

    With the brand growing at an exceptional pace, OTIUM has brought a new take on what it means to live an active lifestyle. Combining contemporary fashion and functionality in every piece, Clyburn aims to make OTIUM the face of a generation.